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Recently Closed Loans

  • SBA Loan $1,250,000 CT
    Food Processing Company
    Debt Consolidation
  • SBA Loan $2,221,000 TX
    Sand/Gravel Processing Plant
    Debt Consolidation
  • SBA Loan $2,850,000 PA
    Transportation & Bus Company
    Debt Consolidation
    Exit of Forbearance Agreement
  • SBA Loan $3,500,000 CT
    Road/Bridge Construction Contractor
    Debt Consolidation
  • SBA Loan $1,570,000. PA
    Construction and Manufacturing Co of Cement Re-­Bar
    Conventional Loan $2,100,000. FL
    Retail Center
  • SBA Loan $2,150,000 CT
    Used Car Dealership
  • SBA Loan $2,500,000 CT
    Plumbing/Electrical Company
    Commercial and Residential Property
  • SBA Loan $2,450,000 CT
    Medical Research Company
  • SBA Loan $4,000,000 FL
    Moving Company
  • SBA Loan $2,300,000 FL
    Outdoor LED Sign Manufacturer
    Debt Consolidation
    Exit of Bank Forbearance Agreement
  • SBA Loan $2,950,000 ME
    Construction of Gas Station/Convenience Store
  • SBA Loan $3,050,000 NH
    Debt Consolidation of 3 Gas Stations/Convenience Stores
  • Hard Money Loan $5,800,000 NY
    Purchase at Auction
    32 Unit Apartment Building
  • SBA Loan $458,000. NY
    Restaurant debt consolidation
  • SBA Loan $2,000,000 NJ
    Thread Manufacturer
    Equipment for New Product Line
  • SBA Loan $1,250,000 RI
  • SBA Loan $6,500,000 CT
    Commercial Real Estate Purchase
  • SBA Loan $1,000,000 CT
    Newspaper Publisher
  • SBA Loan $4,160,000 DE
    Debt Consolidation
    Home Heating Oil Delivery Company
    Exit Workout Agreement With Current Lender
  • Conventional Loan $3,800,000 FL
    Refinance Shopping Center
  • SBA Loan $4,400,000 FL
    Automotive and Tire Centers
    Debt Consolidation
  • SBA Loan $3,810,000 FL
    Purchase of Mobile Satellite Transmission Company
  • SBA Loan $1,700,000 CA
    Purchase of Software Company
  • SBA Loan $1,850,000 NY
    Vitamin Supplement Company
    Business Acquisition
  • SBA Loan $2,900,000 CT
    Furniture Manufacturer
  • SBA Loan $1,100,000 CT
    Tool and Die Manufacturer