Our Recent Closings:

Our team works nation-wide in every industry to make sure that business owners get the funding they need to keep growing and succeeding. Below are some of our recently closed loans, each with their own unique challenges and solutions.

$596,000 - Machine Manufacturer

Seeking Funding For: Consolidation of high interest debt; Purchase inventory; Repair equipment

SBA Loan

The borrower's current lender would not approve funding because the company was still in its first 2 years of operation and because of their industry. We successfully structured a loan that was approved despite those issues and allowed the borrower to accomplish all of their goals.

$2.3 Million - Machine Shop

Seeking Funding For: Consolidate high interest debt; Working capital to purchase inventory and complete works in progress

SBA Loan

Client was turned down at several banks because of their industry and they had suffered losses in recent years. We used our expertise in funding despite recent losses to structure a loan that fit the customers needs and goals.

$2.1 Million - Cell Phone Retail Store

Seeking Funding For: Consolidate high interest debt; hire more employees, remodel store.

SBA Loan

Several banks refused funding because of the client did not have any collateral and marginal cash flow. We structured a loan based on future cash flow to help the client meet their needs.

$1.8 Million - Restaurant & Caterer

Seeking Funding For: Client's current lender was purchased by another bank and the client was asked to refinance elsewhere.

SBA Loan

The client was informed that their type of business did not fit the new owner's portfolio and was asked to refinance elsewhere. The client had trouble finding a new lender because of their industry. They were referred to us because of our expertise in financing for restaurants and we were able to help.

$675,000 - Medical Spa

Seeking Funding For: Purchase a building, Make renovations; Buy equipment; Purchase inventory

SBA Loan

The client could not obtain financing because this business is a start up. Their banker referred them to One Source Business Capital because of our expertise in helping new businesses and we were able to work with our lenders and fund all of their projects.


When you need capital, come to ONE SOURCE.

When it’s time to take your business to the next level, ONE SOURCE provides the expertise you’re looking for so you can get the financing you need to grow.

  • We help you find the capital you need, without the overwhelm. From paperwork to packaging, we’ll walk you through the entire application, document, and approval process.
  • We understand SBA lending better than most bankers. Unlike any other loan source, we’ve mastered the complexities of all the lending programs offered by most banks and non-bank lenders, and keep abreast of any changes or new loan programs available.
  • We can better match your specific needs with the right lender to ensure greater probability of getting the loan you need in record time.
  • We know how to navigate the complexities of the lending process in order to package and structure your loan in the most favorable terms, and in the format specific for each lender.
  • We pre-underwrite a loan request to enhance the probability of getting your loan approved and help keep your business moving forward.