The right payroll solution for your business.

ONE SOURCE has joined forces with The Small Business Authority to deliver the industry’s top payroll services — at a fraction of the cost.

No need for big payroll companies with big price tags.

Our payroll solutions are customized to meet your company’s individual needs. With our online processing system, you’ll get the personalized, accurate payroll experience you need, without the hassle.

No layers of voice mail, no phone tag, no more frustration. When you need to talk to us, we’re there for you with the answers to your payroll processing questions. You’ll even have your own payroll expert assigned to you, so you can count on someone you know when you need to talk shop.

Trust ONE SOURCE to deliver the full-service, state-of-the-art solutions you need:

  • Full-service payroll solutions, including online payroll and benefits management.
  • Sophisticated payroll for 1 to 250 or more employees
  • Tax management and payroll experts available 24/7
  • Quick-start enrollment, facilitated by our expert team
  • Online employee paystubs
  • HRIS and benefits enrollment

ONE SOURCE BUSINESS CAPITAL has the right solution for you.

Today more than ever, with ever-changing federal, state and local tax laws, it’s critical that your company has the right payroll processing system, one with a team of experts available to you when you need them.

Let us do the work.

Contact ONE SOURCE today and explore how we can help you customize the right payroll solution for your company.

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